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New Kids

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

I was never a fan of New Kids on the Block growing up.

I was born in 1985. By the time I would have started getting into them, they had already disbanded. It wasn't until 2008, when they reunited and made their album, The Block, that I was starting to show SOME interest in their new music.

My first ever New Kids show was when they went on tour with the Backstreet boys in 2011. I went to the NKOTBSB tour mostly as a backstreet fan and left the show as a new fan to the New Kids on the Block. They put on a very high energy show. Their songs are catchy and easy to learn..I had found myself actually LIKING their performance better than BSB. That tour actually led me to take a few years off from seeing BSB. I believe I have seen them 6x now. After the first concert, I began acquainting myself with their old hits and have enjoyed them ever since!!

As I mentioned in my recent entry (newly updated July 25/Aug 2), my mom wanted me to get a ride with my friend who would be working there as his fun side job. My friend ended up happily offering to bring me which worked out great: 1) I got to blast music on my way to his house, pretending I was in a concert performing 2) We talked all the way there 3) He had a great parking spot which was also free. It sure was better than riding up alone. He had to report to work when the gates opened at 5pm.

The friend that I was going to the show with couldn't make it until 6:15ish. I took my time, walking around alone, although, I didn't feel alone being around so many dressed up fans. I love to study people: their concert attire, their habits, who they were with. I overheard the mom in front of me talking to her son, Joey, as I waited in line for a slice of pizza. I figured she must have named her son after a New Kid. So I asked her..She said "yes of course! He even sings!" She didn't seem to care that I may have named my son after a BSB. I find whenever I talk to people in day to day life that the conversation is always focused on them instead of me. Maybe I just ask good questions? I am genuinely interested in learning about other people...maybe more than they would be to learn about me.

I was one of the very few people alone eating in a busy restaurant. While it felt awkward as everyone else was in groups of 2 or more, I find it to be OK. I would eat alone in college or at my office job quite often. It has been such a long time since I've had the moment of eating in public by myself.

My friend ended up getting lost so we didn't meet up until after 6:40pm. I was walking all around Fenway and people watching to pass time. I was also regretting my choice of outfit: jeans. It was just so hot out!! We ended up getting to our seats with plenty of time to spare to be able to have a conversation before the show began.

The show was just what we needed! Around 10pm, my friend was cut from work so he upgraded our seats which was awesome and totally unexpected..Just in time for the END with a few of my favorite songs!!

I made it home at 12am on the dot! I hit every green light-wahoo!! It was a very very late night for someone like me who tends to be asleep by 9pm most nights.

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