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Training at Home

and Virtually

Personal Training

I've been personal training clients since 2011! I train each individual where they ARE at with the goal to improve their general fitness.  No 2 individuals are treated the same.  Custom routines are created based on your willingness to invest in equipment (or not), your fitness level, your restrictions, and your overall day to day feeling.  I understand life happens: You may have days when you're exhausted or stressed, maybe you slept wrong, you hadn't had a moment to eat something. Or maybe you're feeling amazing and can handle a good intense workout! I modify accordingly day to day by how you feel whether you realize it or not!

Home visits-I can bring equipment to you!  Please inquire about areas I serve.

Virtual visits-I can offer suggestions about what equipment you might benefit from.

Bring your Buddy Training


Same great experience as detailed for one one Personal training, only you get to exercise with your friend at the same time!  This is a great opportunity to cut the cost down a little bit and spend time together.  Couples, family members, friends!  I've trained various combinations together!

Low Calorie Salad
Nutritional Guidance


Nutrition is everything.


I encourage those who are in need of journaling to keep track of what they're eating.  I offer suggestions upon review.

I live by the 80/20 rule of indulging a little here and there so I don't feel like I'm constantly in a state of restriction.  It makes me happy to have a few things I love without feeling guilty.  It's all about balance.  In most cases I will suggest for people to go by this approach as well.

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