Week of July 25/Aug 2

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

This is the first of two weeks of radiation for my mom.


On Monday, My dad brought her in. It turns out they couldn't get the machine to work after 30 minutes of trying..So they drove all the way there for nothing. ugh! So looks like this mishap will roll into a 3rd week.

On Tuesday, I brought her home. It was very smooth.

On Wednesday, my aunt brought her in. So grateful for the help!

On Thursday and Friday, I brought her both ways. Thursdays are chore day!! After doing this a few weeks now, It's nice to do things without her asking. I'm happy to help. I must admit Friday was tough knowing how long Nikolas would be on technology because Daddy was working and I was away. His attitude was very real!!


On Monday, my brother brought her in! I went to get my genetic testing. I should find out in about a month whether I would be considered high risk/carrier. After we go over the results, we will be discussing a game plan, if any, when we meet to discuss. Gosh, I hate going to the drs. I waited about 30 minutes just to be seen since I was a few minutes early. The phlebotomist had a hard time getting my blood-which NEVER happens! I always have such good veins! I ended up bleeding all over the seat. Luckily, I was very patient (who knew!?) and laid back. They thanked me for not giving them a hard time whatsoever. I explained I know how it is "serving" or "taking care of people" so I try to be as calm as ever. We will meet again in about 4 weeks.

On Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, I brought her! With all the driving I've been doing lately, I've been trying to enjoy the ride solo blasting some music. While she is in the car with me, I enjoy the conversation. Thursday was my longer day. I actually had to go back for a redraw of blood for my genetic testing..so I headed to her house soon after. We had soup for lunch before I did a few of her chores. She is definitely moving around easier yet still finds herself needing to touch walls/surfaces/walker to get by.

On Friday, my aunt brought her in! Knowing the amount of time I would be away working in the morning or heading up to the New Kids concert later in the afternoon, it was important that I take Nik to the playground for a few hours for fresh air and activity..If we are both working, Nik has to be on technology when it's not a school/camp day.. I am always monitoring tech time.. I made the mistake of telling my mom how I was planning on riding the T alone both ways to the concert. She messaged me that morning saying how she hopes my friend who would be working the show could just bring me. She was up for hours worrying about me. It's interesting how often I forget that I am someone's daughter too, that she would still worry about my safety as a middle aged woman.

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