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About Diana

Growing up the Diana way, I often ditched Barbie dolls for shooting hoops with my brother, or riding bikes, dancing in front of my bedroom mirror, jumping rope or playing in the fields ‘til dark.


I took to cheerleading camp early on, really getting into the upbeat music and moves, then moved on to sports cheering and competitions all throughout middle- and high-school. Watching the team win and cheering them on in a clutch was always something I took pleasure in. What I enjoyed more was competing as a team—to train each day to excel in 2-minute routines that had to be perfect that one time.  Or next season, try and try again.


It wasn’t until I was deep in a bachelor’s degree in Finance when I realized a greater vocation should be in helping other people. My true passion of wanting other people to find their own happiness by creating a healthier life developed, in part, because I had spent many years in my childhood watching my dad struggle with just that.  His struggles affected me greatly.


I finished my degree in 2008 and spent a few years in the financial industry anyway. To finish what I start and to do what I say I will do is always something I strive for. I wanted to gain some experience in life and business before branching out to motivate others toward their own wellbeing!


So in 2011, timed with my husband’s first deployment, I went to an accelerated school for Personal Training to finally begin my dream. Never turning back.


Athletes…stay-at-home moms…hardworking professionals…teens, retirees, other diverse clientele—I love to train them all.  Everyone has a different background, sure.


After coming to know my clients pretty well for years, I realize that most people hire me “to lose weight” but, really, all they want is just to FEEL BETTER. Losing weight is a product of feeling better.  Everyone wants happiness, true?


In 2013, training women at their own homes on the South Shore in Massachusetts became my niche. Women individually, or women with their partner / child / friends / sisters. All very good.


A few short years later, I became a mother to a beautiful boy who has changed my life completely.  He has taught me the importance of making sure I am in my best condition mentally and physically so I can take BETTER care of him. Being a working mama is chock full of rewards and challenges, however, it’s so incredibly wise to always schedule yourself IN!  My little guy has also helped me better appreciate, somehow, all angles of my clients’ lives.


Zumba—the latest endeavor in my repertoire—something I discovered while getting in shape for my wedding all those years ago, rocks my dream to the moon!  In 2018, I became a certified Zumba Instructor and am thrilled to make the upbeat dance music-and-moves part of my own business.


Now I’ve decided, let’s kick this covid-19 right outta here. Will you join me with online Zumba fun, or one-on-one fitness sessions?  

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