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For many years I have dreamed of getting healthy. Like many with this goal, I tried diets, memberships at the gym, work out videos, bought into too many gimmicks (that didnt work)...never found success. I was so discouraged and started to accept that I would never be happy in my own body. 

I honestly believe if I hadn't I found Diana, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I am 20 lbs lighter (and counting) almost exactly 4 months into her customized program, have so much more energy and confidence in every day life than I ever have. I actually enjoy working out (and eating healthy), find myself looking forward to exercising, and now desire nutritious food. I am getting married this Fall, and with Diana’s help I will be in the best shape (and mental state) of my life. 

Bringing Diana into your life isn’t just about exercise, but overall lifestyle. Beyond your weekly workouts, she pays special attention to your nutrition, gives you consistent feedback, goals & support- sometimes daily.  If you are motivated and ready to dedicate yourself to a transformation, you will absolutely succeed. If you’ve always struggled with working out in public, failed to keep motivated, or felt completely hopeless trying to do it yourself- call Diana. She’s going to be the friend you wish you’ve always had. I look forward to many more workouts with her in my life :)

“Last year I spent four months with Diana Kalivas as my Personal Trainer. I felt I needed a trainer because I didn’t have the knowledge or experience to do it on my own. I told myself before our first session that I would just do what ever was asked of me to the best of my ability. It’s a good thing I went into it with a strong healthy attitude because she pushed me all the way to my limits and further, never letting me give up or taking no for an answer. As tough and challenging as some of the sessions were, Diana still made it fun and many times we ended laughing together, but never lost sight of my goal. Along the way she took extensive notes to keep record of my progress, explained to me why we were doing each particular exercise, and gave me lots of helpful advice about my diet. Diana stayed right there with me every step of the way through every rep and every bead of sweat. After a month or so I was doing things I never thought my body would be able to do. It was truly amazing. Diana loves and has a strong passion for what she does, and wanted to see results as much as I did. After four months I’d lost 40 lbs and three waist sizes. With everything she taught me, I was able to reach my goal of 190 lbs. down from my starting weight of 255 lbs. With Diana’s training you are in good hands, just remember to always listen to your trainer and you will see dramatic changes in your self both mentally, physically, and the possibilities will be endless.

“Until I met Diana I was the person who came to the gym week after week and did the same work out day and in and day out with nothing to show for it! I did not consider myself the “personal trainer type”. Diana changed all of that! In just 3 weeks I began to see definition in my arms that I had tried for months on my on to achieve without success. After 2 months with Diana, I noticed total body definition and an overall improvement in my core strength. Perhaps what kept me motivated the most was Diana’s genuine desire to see me succeed and reach my goals. In addition to time efficient and effective work outs. Diana is extremely knowledgable about proper nutrition. I was able to work with Diana to strategize realistic ways to improve my diet and improve my health overall.

I would highly recommend Diana! She is worth every penny!

I first came to know Diana when my daughter and I took the Saturday morning fitness class at Dalby Farm over 3 years ago and have been working with her ever since. I loved the boot camp format of the class and the modifications for beginners like me, Other classes at the Y and training I had in the past were not enjoyable and usually left me discouraged and sore. Diana is always showing you how to do things the right way and is extremely encouraging. - She is an excellent personal trainer !! We continued to meet at my house until March 2020 when we went to virtual training. It was a very easy transition! She is extremely accommodating to my ever changing work schedule and keeps me accountable by checking in with me to be active. One of my goals has been to gain upper body strength and with her guidance I'm able to do pushups and lift weights that I never thought I could! Although I miss seeing her in person I'm grateful for the virtual training- it has helped so much during these stressful months of the Pandemic. Thank you Diana!!

I have been a client for 2 years. The workouts are very challenging and Diana is constantly changing it up. She keeps track of your progress and follows your diet on Fitness Pal. She is always there if you need a push. On those rare occasions when I am not in the mood to work out she shows up and it's Game On!! If you want to reach your fitness goals Diana will get you there!!!

I have had the pleasure of doing Zumba with Diana during the pandemic. Her classes are always a ton of fun and it’s such a great start to my day! She has a great level of energy, positivity, and encouragement! Anyone would be lucky to know her and train with her! Overall great person!

I reached out to Diana absolutely terrified of working out. Didn’t know if I could do it as it had been so long and I was so out of shape. She came into my home and slowly, carefully and patiently helped me get back to a healthy place. She’s always tuned into things that make it hard for me, and is able to gently push me to be better everyday. You want a positive supportive trainer? She’s your go to!

Diana Kalivas, certified personal trainer who knows her stuff!

Diana is a professional first and foremost. She is someone who will push you beyond what you think you’re capable of. For example, you’ll think you only have two reps left in you; she’ll beg to differ. And, she’s usually right – you’ll push out another one or two, and be shocked that you could! (She, on the other hand, will not be shocked; she knows your potential and makes sure you reach it.)

Diana is as sweet as she is tough. Our morning group laughs at how she keeps time; we call it Diana time. She’ll say, “10 more seconds…” Rarely is our counting in synch; but, in the end, you have such a terrific feeling of accomplishment. You did more than you thought possible.

She’s optimistic by nature and someone who makes you feel good about yourself. I can walk into my session feeling down in the dumps and walk out after 45 minutes feeling just the opposite.

Diana in a nutshell: Fit, professional, smart, kind optimistic and fun.    

I trained with Diana for a total of 14 months, and it was one of the best things I ever did for myself. I came to Diana feeling self conscious, tired all the time, unmotivated and uncomfortable in my own body. I had tried different excercise routines over the years, but nothing ever stuck. I needed a change, but not just any change, a lifestyle change. In working with Diana, I began to be more conscious of my diet and how my body felt. Over the months, I learned that what I wanted most was to be healthy and strong. I liked the new found feeling of accomplishment I gained after every session and the positive changes that were happening for me not only physically but mentally. Diana's enthusiasm, commitment and support helped me to uncover a better version of myself, a version that is confident, strong, and still motivated to get out there and do more.   

Like so many, my road to getting fit and staying fit has a lot of ups and downs. In my life the demands on my time, in addition to managing my chronic illness can be overwhelming. Diana has the education, skill, and motivational attitude that has helped me become successful! I'm stronger, healthier, and slimmer thanks to what I have learned and practiced with her. I'm so happy to be her client! 

Diana’s Zumba class is terrific. Diana is a great leader. She’s easy to follow, very upbeat, lots of positive energy and I get an excellent workout. I’d recommend her to anyone who needs a workout, anyone who is bored or anyone who just wants some happy time!

Seriously the best life decision I ever made! For anyone who has ever struggle with fitness Diana K is for you. Diana provides an outstanding service at an unbeatable price! Anyone who knows me or even seen me the past couple of years know what an amazing transformation my physique has gone through. Highly recommend personal training. It is affordable just as margaritas and buffalo chicken dip are affordable. If you are ready to start making better choices for yourself then definitely consider working with Diana. 

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