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More Encounters

Since I've last written, I've had quite a few instances with my cat and my dog, Bella (who passed 3 months ago.)

It was a tough Fall for us with illness. Nikolas had Pneumonia early November. I am lucky I caught it early but after already having it twice, I was suspicious. He was just not himself. When he doesn't toss a ball around and obviously eat as much, that's the biggest clue..Our cat decided to join him the first two nights of his fever. I found it amazing. How did he know??

Then Nik and I were both very sick in December. And again, he spent time with Nik..then more time with ME!

Our cat has been such a huge support since Bella passed. He and I never really had much of a relationship since I was always with Nik or Bella. It has been sweet to develop a bond with him.

I also must add, on our last night with Bill, our cat spent several hours with us in the middle of the night. Again--not very characteristic of him. He typically spends the whole night roaming the downstairs!

As far as Bella goes...on Christmas morning, I woke up super early around 4am to the strongest whiff of her. Beagles have a very distinct smell. I sat up for a moment trying to rationalize the smell. Was there something outside? What was this? I've smelled it before. It was her. I just knew it. She has been showing up on very specific days. I feel like she was trying to show that she was there for me while Bill was away.

More recently, on Dec 30, it was the 22 anniversary of my grandmother passing. I was thinking of her A LOT the day before. I ended up having a dream..I was at a pool party. There were tons of dogs sitting on benches underwater looking happy. I found that so strange, however, I couldn't help but to smile like I always do when I see cats and dogs! I found my way to a bench to sit down since I was pregnant. A grayish dog jumped up to sit with me and began to kiss my face. I leaned away eventually began to gently push the dog off of me. I look straight ahead and see my husband and best friend staring at me. The weird part for me is I WILL NEVER DREAM about anyone I know or where I live...The next dog that jumped up was a beagle. The beagle looked different than Bella but still she leaned against me, just like she did at the end of her life, and finally rested her right paw on my lap. She knew better than to put all her body on me with my big belly in the way! I began petting her, smiling as I always did...Then I woke up! and I was panting...PANTING in a way I have never before. It was almost like I was her for a moment. When I snapped out of it, I began crying.

Sooo I have always been OPEN to this. I believe that's why I've had multiple scenarios so far when I least expect it. Even though I start crying because it is such an odd and NEW experience, I always feel comforted by her visits.

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