You're a Miracle

On Tuesday my mom had her oncology appointment like she does every month. The doctor would be going over her 3 month imaging from a few days before.

"You're a miracle!" said the doctor. What strong words that is! As my mom told me that on our daily afternoon phone call, I could hear the happiness in her voice. My mouth dropped open a bit. The treatment has been responding nicely! She also learned that the cancer in her leg back in June was 10cm!! They can no longer do imaging for that because the titanium rod would affect the view.

So that was wonderful to hear! There is great power in our words. What a difference our world would be if we realized that, and understood the power of positive energy, affirmations and acts of kindness. Hearing "you're a miracle" gave me a sense of relief and hope. I feel better about her future.

Every day around 3pm I give my mom a call. She has come to expect it since I've been doing it consistently since July or August. Right at her snack and medicine time! I typically listen to her talk about the involvement with church, how she has made some lovely contacts in the short time that they've moved to the area. The amount of support she has gotten during this journey has been life saving.

I've been thinking a lot about my grandfather's message to me during my medium reading this past summer. "Laughter is the best medicine" he would say. Looking back, I don't think she was quite laughing as much as I thought back in the summer. Soon after, I made it my own personal goal to try to make her smile or laugh. I try to tell a story, usually about Nikolas because he is just so darn cute and funny. It is helping. She is laughing. Her treatment is going well. I believe that's a correlation. It just has to be.

Another message from my grandfather was to "take time". You can leave it as open as you want. Take time to care for yourself. Take time to talk to others. Take time out of your busy day for someone else. Take time off. I am always paying attention to the time I need to give to myself and to others. He was always full of wisdom and positive energy. Gosh, I miss him incredibly.

In other news, my dad's blood pressure is finally normal after making a few changes to his medication. He also seems less stressed about work lately. Stress is a killer, I always say. I am just happy some steps have been taken before it was too late. More needs to happen though.

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