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Sit to Rise

If you didn't know by now, I LOVE to study people. For as long as I can remember, I would sit quietly and observe how other people were behaving, acting and living. No Judgment. Just watching what I see and hear.

Recently a 9 year old boy came by to visit Nik. I am usually pleased when he comes over in the yard because they both do not have siblings to learn from or teach to. Nik needs someone to look up to. He also needs someone to put him in his place and boss him around (other than a parent). They both tend to show each other what they can do. Climb trees. Hop on one foot. Hop over obstacles. The 9 year old boy is very helpful and patient. To be someone's role model must mean a lot to him. I sit back a bit to let them entertain each other which is entirely welcomed. As a mom to only ONE child, I am my son's best friend..I hardly get a break. Not to get off topic, but I LAUGH in my head when people say I have it easy for having one child.

Nik's friend was sitting on the grass, he crossed his legs and stood up without any assistance. "Can you do that, Nik?" He asked. Nik was bouncing all over the place in his own little world at that moment. So then he asked me.

"Yes I can!" I said as I sat down on the grass, criss-crossed my legs and stood up without any assistance. He seemed impressed that I was also able to do that. "Did you know that your Sit-to-Rise test is a great measure of health?" I asked him. It's true. Over the years, I've read that this so called simple test is a good measure of your health and longevity. Of course, I can tell you that with my years of observing clients-It is still refreshing to stumble upon an article/or moment like this to inspire me.

The exercise measures your leg and core strength as well as balance. Maintaining all this will be extremely important as we age to prevent falls. Many people really need to take their health seriously as I know soo sooo many people can not do this test. The earlier the better! A very large percentage of people I have ever trained either have difficulty getting off the floor or need some assistance (a chair, their hand on the ground). Just an observation. As a person's trainer, it is the greatest honor to be hired to help them improve in ANY capacity.

Look it up (Sit Rise Test)-and no, I'm not going to get into specifics like how this measure is not the entire cause of early death for some people or how some people who injured their knee failed (obviously). Honestly, I am so tired of excuses and people rationalizing why it's OK to not be concerned about our health and how we just need to love our bodies as they are.

Take a look out there in public to what other people are doing. How many people are actually happy? How many people move through day to day life effortlessly? How many people are on little to no medication? How many people eat actual food? How many people rely on energy drinks for their energy? How many people have been on diet after diet? ETC

Anyway. I asked Nik's friend if he thought many adults would be able to do the test. He said no, probably not. I went on to say one last thing to Nik's friend, "You're right. Please don't stop moving, ever."

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