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Power Outage

A few weeks back, my clients asked me if I was ready for the big storm Tuesday into Wednesday. Big storm, I thought to myself. I had been living in such a bubble from not being on my phone much at all or watching cable TV that I HAD NO IDEA. She said to prepare my house for strong winds.

So I did what I could. Of course, whenever anything serious/challenging/bad happens, it's when my husband is away. I am not trying to be dramatic whatsoever..My best friend pointed that out to me, as I was thinking that. It's like I am ALWAYS meant to handle the big stuff alone...or could it be that nothing ever feels so big when he is with me? I cleaned up the yard, moved items in strategic places, while of course forgetting a few things like to move the flag inside. Things my husband is good to remember. This is why we are a good team. I am definitely not as strong without him by my side.

Around 1am, the winds were very strong. I was becoming scared, more so because I was in a single mom mode..What if a tree falls on my house? What if something happens to me and then my son is left alone? Did I prepare him enough? Will he know what to do in an emergency (I think so!)? I hoped our new addition where I sleep and our shed would be ok. Almost regretting putting so much work into our house. Again, when I am in single mom mode, my mind DRIFTS to all kinds of anxious thoughts that I never seem to have when hubby is home.

The winds were just HOWLING. Eventually at 1:45am, my son woke up crying. He never cries. I knew it was mostly because we had just lost power. His room was VERY dark. I rushed to his room to comfort him but found it comforting for myself since I wasn't alone. I spent the rest of the night in his bed with him. I make exceptions when it comes to sleeping in bed with him: Sickness or times like this. He fell right to sleep. I somewhat did. You know how it goes. He tried putting his head on my head as he slept..ahh that does not feel too good!

We somehow slept in for us, 7:30am! Now it was time to see the damage and take the dog out. With Daddy being away, my son tends to cling to me more than ever. I had to say oh so sternly, STAY in the HOUSE! because of the winds. My dog had to go out, and would never use a pad. So we headed out in a safe spot..She hesitantly did her thing as my son watched from the window inside. I came back to him standing on the front porch and he said he didn't want anything to happen to me.

We sat without power for awhile. I don't think we've ever been without power more than a few hours. Around 12 or 1pm, my mom reached out to me again to see if I was ok and offered us to come stay. It didn't appear that we would be getting any power any time soon so I said ok. I packed up a few of our groceries, our clothes, dog food etc. We headed there.

We couldn't believe the damage as we made our way down. I am so grateful that they only live 18 miles away, instead of 90 miles like before. We got ourselves comfortable. This was the first time my dog had been in their new house...This was also the first time she would meet their new cat they adopted a few weeks before! It didn't go well at first..It took over a day for them to get friendly.

We enjoyed ourselves. We played games, talked, played with toys, headed to the store etc. It was good! It was nice for my mom to have company as my dad leaves for night work. I ended up having to sleep with Bella 2 nights because she was inconsolable. I did not sleep very well. again! I got word that our power came back late Thursday night which meant we would head back the next morning.

My son helped me clean the yard by picking up all the sticks. I have him trained, for now, to contribute to the household. His help matters to our household. It was more fun to do it with him anyway, than by myself. It was a good way to get some activity in. I am all about active work/play.

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