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November Oncology Appt

Life feels back to normal now! I am completely living in peace.

On Friday, as I was putting Nik to bed we were reading stories or finding objects in a puzzle for awhile. We ended the bedtime routine with our typical summary/grateful talk. Daddy would be coming home later on in the evening so it was our "last night" as just me and him for a long time. I thanked him for being so well behaved for me (it made it so much easier on me) and I acknowledged how difficult it must be for him to be away from Daddy for a month, that it's ok to miss him and feel down about it, yet we still had some great moments just us. He said, "Mom, I gotta tell you something!" Then he whispered in my ear, "I love you so much, Mom. Thanks for being the best mom in my life" It was the SWEETEST ever, practically took my breath away. I thought he was going to tell me something disgusting! A few hours later, Daddy came back! yay!

We went to my parent's house so Bill could meet their new cat and we could all be there to celebrate my Mom's birthday. That cat is the NICEST cat ever. He kissed the top of my head and my nose. He may have remembered me. He kissed Bill for the first time on his hand. We are such animal people. They ARE family. My mom felt very loved.

My mom had her oncology appointment this afternoon. The oncologist was admiring my mom as she seemed to be much more mobile and look energized since the visit last month. It turns out her cancer has shrunk in a typical manner given the time since she started treatment. She will need imaging every 3 months to monitor it further. Her Blood cell count (?) is finally starting to increase on its way to a more normal level. All wonderful news! She was feeling that she may be comfortable enough to drive herself to her next appt in December. It seems that my load has lessened so we can move on to have a normal relationship for the time being that has little to do with oncology. I am very relieved with her status and improvement in general life. Prayers are still always welcomed! This isn't the end! I sure hope this helps boost my dad's spirits. He needed the good news, maybe more so than my Mom did, really.

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