Life is good

A few weeks ago, I found myself almost feeling guilty for feeling so good. People would ask how I am doing or how my family is, and I would answer "Life is really good. I am really happy." We are so conditioned to say, "good. and you?" I wanted to make a point to tell people how I really felt, truthfully, in the moment. My best friend commented that I shouldn't feel guilty at all, I had a challenging summer (mom's cancer diagnosis, husband being away, construction on the house, busy work schedule, etc) and now it was my time to live in joy.

I have been cutting down my time on social media. It has been such a habit for so many years to jump on, see the latest updates, comment on so many posts etc, that I found myself not as happy. Since stepping away, now I use it with intention. I go on to either share a little something or do a quick scroll with no pressure to "stay current" on the "feed". I am SO much happier. I am also making an effort to talk on the phone more or do more social gatherings. What a difference BEING with people makes. I'll choose people over a screen any day!

My son is LOVING school. He is clearly enjoying all that he is learning. I hope it always stays that way. His happiness in school has made me feel even happier. I also find myself so incredibly relieved that he does not have any of the struggles I had in school. He is not afraid to ask for help (like I was). He participates in class (unlike me). He has friends and feels a part of the class (I never fit in). He doesn't seem to be struggling as a one of the younger kids either, like I was so afraid of.

My mom is also doing pretty well. I observe her movements are more natural looking. She seems stronger. Her mood is up. She seems just like my usual Mom to me, which is comforting. I'll update more on her later.

My husband has been away for 4 weeks, home very soon. It has been considerably easier on me than the summer. We are able to video call daily which is helpful. Our son being in school 5 days a week has helped relieve some of my "workload" with being a single mom for the time being. I always make sure to have some RECHARGE time so I can be pleasant for everyone. If I don't take some time to chill out in silence, I definitely become more irritable than usual. I love how aware I am of myself. I feel like I am kicking butt so much!!

As for my work, it has definitely died down a bit. 2021 was my BUSIEST year ever. Looking back, I am AMAZED. This was by far the MOST rewarding year, in so many ways. I am so grateful for all the experiences I've had. However, I am embracing a little dip in my clientele to enjoy the holidays and focus on ME at the moment. I am happily welcoming anyone in/back though. I am optimistic it will pick back up maybe to a busier level than this past spring/summer.

My pets are getting older, that's for sure. I find that I tell myself to cherish these cuddle sessions with my dog more than ever, now that she is 8. Recently I noticed she was limping around, probably arthritis, I found myself wanting to pick her up. My dog is my baby girl. My cat is also thinning out, at the age of 12. He has become SUCH a comfort to my son when he is emotional or doesn't want to be alone. My husband is HIS person though. I love him greatly still.

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