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Lamb Roast

Typically once a year we will throw one big party to roast a lamb on our hibachi at Greek Easter.

This year we wanted to put off our annual roast until we knew most people would be vaccinated and our construction project would be almost complete.

I personally did not invite too many people. I had just had an intense June/July with my Mom's illness and Bill being away for 3 weeks. The last thing I wanted to do was host a big party with tons of guests.

It ended up being a nice day. It was my mom's first social event other than doctors appointments in awhile. It meant so much to her to be there and to be welcomed by mostly Bill's immediate family.

I made sure to put together a plate for my mom (lamb, Greek salad, lathera, spanikopita, watermelon feta salad, caprese bites). "What great service!! How lucky am I to be served my beautiful daughter, such a gracious host." I mostly knew how hard it would be to try to do it on her own or have my dad pick out not the right stuff, and I wanted her to stay in her corner in the yard away from people!! So I acted swiftly before she could ask and feel like a burden. It turns out, I never even made a plate for Nik!!! Oops..somehow he ate.

Hosting can be exhausting. I made a point to spend enough time with every guest. I met a girl who is dating someone in the military with Bill. It turns out she just finished studying to be a mental health therapist. In the last year, I have encountered over a handful of people who are therapists or about to be. I can't help but think this is another sign quietly pushing me to go after what I originally wanted to do in college. I feel more ready now...I have more experience in life. I would still be a trainer because I Love IT..I also believe in keeping my eggs in more than 1 basket in order to be more secure and happy. So yeah. I am starting to explore my options a bit.

Back to the party-it felt so nice to catch up with everyone. I also like seeing Bill as a host. He is charming.

I went to bed early!! I completely needed to recharge after hosting and socializing...especially after being apart from others so long.

I am hoping next year can be a bigger party with even more people. We miss so many!!

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