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I am not usually someone who struggles with sleep. In most cases I will get a solid 8 hours of sleep every night plus required lounge time when I wake up.

Until lately.

The last couple of weeks I have been waking up around 1am and staying up for HOURS. My first thoughts are pure excitement for Nikolas. He has had so many firsts lately. It has felt like awhile since we've hit anything new. First friend birthday parties, meeting other families, playing with the neighborhood boy, first time riding a bus, going to Kindergarten, new structure of school, first time playing a sport other than swim, first time in New bedroom.

All of these firsts make me incredibly excited to see how this affects him and changes his life. I am so heavily invested in his life story that he is my favorite show to watch or book to read. I get a front row seat to guide him and watch him navigate these new moments.

After thinking about him, I drift back to flashbacks of my own childhood. I will have to touch upon that later. I am just so relieved he doesn't have much of the same struggles I had.

Since my last post about first day jitters, I can sense he is enjoying school by the way he lights up. He proudly tells me about his projects. How awesome gym class, music and the library class is. How he wants to help other kids in his class. How nice is teacher and Para is. He also thinks it's cool that I let him eat school lunch 2x a week.. Of course he does mention that he doesn't get to play enough or there are very few toys. However, he skips home from the bus. It reminds me of my happiest days in my childhood. So good.

Anyway, I am hoping if I write out a few blog posts about what is going on I will have better sleep. Stay tuned.

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Unknown member
Sep 12, 2021

“That he is my favorite show to watch or book to read.” Love this.

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