40 years

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

We celebrated my parent's 40th anniversary this past weekend by heading to the church so they could have an actual ceremony/blessing by the priest.

My mom takes awhile to move and I was afraid my son would have a hard time waiting so I insisted that they go into the church while I wait for my brother to come. I didn't want anyone to feel alone. He came by himself so I made sure that we would walk in together.

It was a very nice ceremony-gorgeous and comfortable weather, just like 40 years ago I was told. At one point, I almost burst into laughter...I HATE when that happens (LIKE ALL THE TIME!)...The priest made it sound like my Dad would have to repeat the LONGEST sentence ever as he started saying the entire vow. I look over to my Dad to see his face look increasingly concerned that he would have to say it all, when he feels he can only remember 5 words at a time. Later on, we laughed about it. I just can't help but feel how immature I can be, even in my mid 30s. I really hope people can understand I have no intention of hurting/making fun of others. It's just something you would see in a TV show that you would laugh at but it's real life. I know I can come off as insensitive or hard to read at times. I really can't control it at times...

When I think back to the vows, I can see how much my parents agreed and lived by them over the years. There were many years of struggle, sadness, being poor, health issues, Cancer 10 years ago, Cancer now. There were also many moments of joy, comfort, health, youth and SOME money. They truly have been through it all and continue to be there for each other as my mom now has her terminal illness. Somehow the happy moments seem to be felt much more than any of those trying times. At least, that's how it feels to me.

We came back to my parent's house to eat the food that my brother and I picked up. It was a very nice and sunny afternoon to eat outside together. After some time, my son wanted to play ball with his uncle that he hasn't seen much of lately. He had been asking all about my brother over the last week- asking what his interests were as a kid, what sports he liked, etc. I told him to ask him questions in person. If he wants to know something, he should ask, instead of having me ask. I will always push him to speak so he grows more confident. I try so hard NOT to do things for him. He was happy to ask him to play ball with him in the backyard. It was very sweet to watch the two of them. Later on, when we went inside..Somehow, we ended up playing BOGGLE 3x. Of course, my brother beat us (although I was very close!) just like he always has. Geez- Aren't some people tired of winning all the time?

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