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All Lining up

I've always believed "Everything happens for a reason" and that "Everything will line up for you as it should."

Back in July of 2020, in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, my father was randomly contacted by someone out of state looking to interview him. My dad was not pursuing leaving his company. He was looking to retire in a few years where he had been for a good number of years. SO RANDOM, I thought to myself. What is the meaning behind such a change like this? I would often wonder to myself.

My Mom had spent her entire life up in North Central MASS. My Dad had MOSTLY lived up there as well. Venturing out to visit me south of Boston was like taking a step out of their comfort zone. You see, where I grew up for the first 22 years of my life was rural living. Prior to leaving for college, I had never driven myself past rt 2 in Leominster. I was very afraid of driving out of that area to go where it was busy. Country living was what I knew. It's very much a part of my roots. Yet for me, I wanted to venture AWAY from my small town to get exposure to new experiences with different people. I didn't want to feel limited or to feel struggles with keeping work like I had watched my mom. About a week after college graduation, I settled within a short distance from my alma mater in an apartment with my now husband by the beach. I've lived down here since 2007. I must admit there have been many times I wished I could just move back there..but then I would be making a change I wasn't sure would be the wisest, given my profession as a personal trainer. In a rural area, I may not thrive so much.

So when my father was given the new opportunity for a higher paying job in Rhode Island, I was completely SHOCKED that at this point in their life they would be MOVING somewhere much closer to me. My mom would get to retire from working. She would finally get to have TIME as a homemaker, a life she always wanted but was never able to do. They would be 17 miles from me, instead of 85 miles. They would be leaving the only area they had really ever known. I wouldn't ever have to give up the life I have created for myself the last 13-14 years since graduating college.

I was in such awe of their courage to make such a bold move at 58 years of age. Life changing. It is ABSOLUTELY amazing to me how you can change your life...if you really want to. Yet most people stay where they're comfortable. Change can be scary. Change can be exciting and full of new options.

My parents soon started having a NEW type of relationship with us as an adult. We went from overnight stays every few months to weekly visits. If I made a big meal or bought too much produce, I would just give it to them since it was sooo convenient. We would start making plans for Nikolas to finally sleep over more often as the logistics wouldn't really be that complicated living about 35 minutes away. I have been LONGING to have the opportunity for someone to just watch him overnight. I want date nights. I want the ability to live a bit more. I also was relieved that I would no longer need to hire sitters and pay that added fortune in addition to school tuition.

And now here we are. Now I feel like it doesn't feel right just yet to have them watch him as we adjust to this new life change.

Everything happens for a reason. My parents were meant to move down here A) to be closer to my family B) to be closer to top quality medical care in Boston C) to have assistance by ME as my mom begins treatment.

I don't know how we would have managed this if we lived so far away. It sure feels like the cards lined up for THIS. I do struggle with WHY this is happening though.

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