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The Medium Experience

If you follow me on FB/Instagram, you may have seen that I had hired a medium and would share my experience with you later on. I haven't shared my story until now.

Going back to my 20s, I would say, "I have always wanted to talk to a medium!" I will just wait until I get invited to a party. Well, that never happened..There was never a party...I kept on waiting..

But waiting for what??

It wasn't until a client of mine had an experience with another medium in May 2021 that motivated me to just do it myself! I don't quite know why I was so QUICK to commit at that moment. Maybe If this was something I have always wanted to do, I should just do it. Life is moving fast..It's time to start checking off a few items on my bucket list. I have had that viewpoint lately.

I registered for June 4 with a medium I had followed over the last several years. She had good reviews so it seemed like a good idea. My best friend also scheduled hers the day before mine. It was exciting! Hers took my breath my away and gave me goose bumps! I had wondered what mine would be like the very next day.

I had left the experience feeling initially very disappointed for a few reasons. There were a few puzzle pieces I just didn't understand. It also felt like my reading was for my mom with nothing directed at me whatsoever. My client had said that sometimes talking to your family members would help solve the puzzles or to just give it time. So..that is partly why I never ended up sharing on my instastory...It hadn't unfolded yet.

It started with My husband's grandmother coming through. Short and sweet and welcoming. Then it turned to my Dad's father who passed before I was born. Nothing made sense. What a disappointment!! It was time to move on.

A pet came through and took up a good amount of time. Strongly. This may sound silly to you but this was IMPORTANT. She described him as a dog that shed, that would lay by your feet, well disciplined. She described his death--seizures and lots of foaming of the mouth. She started spelling out the first letter of his name, R. Yup..RUSTY. oh, he is with me all the time she says. His sign is butterflies. She said to pay attention because I would start seeing them all the time. Yup. side note, I have...I always had my eyes open..and never really noticed them..I saw 2 the next day after the reading and pretty often since... It gets better. He had started pawing seriously at something and there was an intense feeling in his brain. "it's like there something metastasized to his brain." That just didn't make sense to me. Until a few days later...You see, Rusty helped my mom discover her breast cancer the first time. He had jumped up and pawed aggressively onto her chest which gave my mom a weird paining sensation leading her to get checked. Breast cancer. I feel like his strong presence in the reading was his way of telling me about my mom's metastatic breast cancer, just like the first time. About 1-2 weeks later, we had learned about the lesion on my Mom's leg which ultimately led to the diagnosis of cancer.

Moving on..My grandfather was described as a man with a smile that is hard to forget. He was the kind of guy who worked hard and never complained about anything. He was like a paternal figure/influence to me. I have always felt like he is such a part of me. The medium began describing a memory of a bunch of kids in what appeared to be a vacation house. THIS MEANT NOTHING TO ME. What the heck? So I'm listening to her go on and on about this one memory. She says the number 5 is significant. Yes, he had 5 kids. Then the letter K. Yes, my mom's name begins with K. My grandfather then went on to emphasize, tell her "I had the best care..that she was very patient. I was so grateful for the care she and staff provided me, although I could not speak it." The reading shifted to "is your mom laughing?" I said, "well yeah, I think so." He said, "she needs to. It's the best medicine." He had gone on to give general life advice..He told me how I really need to be better about scheduling breaks, as in vacation time from self employed work. (I ended up scheduling a 3 night stay in NH the next night, per his orders!) He ended it with, "tell my son that he needs to exercise.." (NOW doesn't that sound like me too?)

My grandfather was the number one person I wanted come through and also the last person to. He would be that gentleman letting my husband's grandmother in first. He would be there "helping" his oldest son who joined him last year. He would say all the things he said. He would encourage exercise to his youngest son. He would tell me to TAKE TIME. In fact, I am just realizing, he had given me a picture of "TAKE TIME..." Quotes when I was a teenager.

I played back the whole thing to my mom and said, "geez mom, it's like this whole reading was for you." I hadn't quite understood how amazing my experience was yet. I had learned that the memory my grandfather shared was of my mom with her 4 brothers and a bunch of cousins at a cottage in RI vacationing. He was trying to show her laughter in that memory. She had ended up CRYING a lot with all the messages I was relaying back to her..She had felt that her dad was reading her diary and hearing her recent thoughts lately. I had left her completely mindblown. I will never know quite what my mom may have been praying to him about..but as an observer, everything he said in the reading HIT HOME with her. I was happy to relay those messages for her....and especially NOW with everything that has happened after!!!

So time has gone by he was trying to give my mom and I advice for this new chapter in her life. I've been making a point to try to make stories seem funny and let go. She has been making a point to show her appreciation for the help she is getting. We are both following his life lessons as we both begin this new chapter. I can now say, this experience was completely amazing.

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